Problems Faced by Women about How to Get Pregnant

Newly married couple always faces many problems after taking the decision of having the baby due to some medical problems and medical changes that occurs in the body of the female. The woman should be aware of some information about how to get pregnant and should also know about the following difficulties of having pregnancy quickly & easily for the first time. It has also been observed while studying the figures of women pregnancy immediate after their marriages. So some Particular percentage of women get pregnant without any problem very easily and very fast in the first month of the their marriage while some have took a long time in having pregnant due to some medical complications.


Here are some factors that may influence on the process of pregnancy of your wife i.e. the fertility of eggs involved in the work for the purpose of pregnancy along the fertility of man sperms which should be sixty percent alive as per the medical science. The men having the fertility of the sperms lower than sixty percent are mostly unable to help a woman in the process of pregnancy. In other worlds their sperms do not make active to the eggs of fertility of the women because of which she remain unable to give birth. Making frequent sexual intercourse with your partner is not the key to success but doing something in the right direction will lead to the faster and easier pregnancy of your wife. The use of some drugs or chain smoking may damage the bacteria available in the sperms of the men which lead to the reduction in the sexual power of a man as well as affected the power of getting a woman pregnant.

There are several magazines available in the market containing the knowledge & information about “how to get pregnantfor the first time” should be consulted and should be given to the wife for study and the instruction given in these medical magazines along with the postures should also be followed. The woman should take care of the date of her manses because it will told you about getting pregnant and will give you the green signal towards your first pregnancy. Stoppage of circulation of manses period will be gives you the signal that you have been got pregnant. The due care of the wife’s health should be the prime responsibility of the husband because the good health of the mother will leads to the good health of coming baby. After confirming from the doctor the procedure of doing the intercourse and the instructions given by he/she should be followed carefully keeping in view the problem of posture during making the intercourse with your wife who will definitely help your wife to get pregnant easily and quickly.

Smoking will not only affect the health of the mother but will leave some bad effects of the health of the coming baby and there will be bright chance that your new baby will open his/her eyes in this world  as an addicted person of drugs. So please take it serious and save your baby from the illness of addiction and save his life from the sin of drug by leaving your habit of smoking. Please ask your partner to keep reading the material about how to get pregnant and how to get the health of the coming baby away from the life taking diseases so your baby could come in this world with a life full of health. If the mother will take care of her health it will lead to the birth of a healthy baby too.