How Using the Best Type of Omega 3 Fish Oil Can Help Improve Heart Health

It’s been very well-publicized over the last several years that omega 3 fatty acids are essential for keeping the heart healthy.

This is precisely the reason why fish oil supplements that are rich in omega-3 have been selling very well in stores all over the world.

In fact, the American Health Association recommends everyone to find the best type of omega 3 fish oil and use it daily in order to maintain good cardiovascular healthand considerably reduce their risks of suffering from heart attacks.

Qualities of a Good Fish Oil Product

How can we tell which particular type of fish oil is good or not? If you believe all the advertising spiels you see on television or on the Internet, you would really be confused because every product out there is marketed as the best, which is obviously impossible. Following are some of the most important qualities that you should look for in order to distinguish between the excellent products and the inferior ones.


Freshness – The natural nutrients found in fish oil, including omega 3 fatty acids, can dissipate over time when exposed for too long to the open air. Oxidation will also take place, which will result in a rancid odor and flavor, and which will also cause burping upon consumption of the finished product.

Purity – The purity of the fish oil depends largely on the purity of the waters where the fish were harvested. So if the fish had come from polluted waters, there is a very high risk that the supplement will also be contaminated with harmful chemicals like mercury.

Potency – There should be adequate amounts of DHA and EPA in a fish oil supplement for it to make a difference in your cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing. The product should also be manufactured in a way that does not destroy the natural nutrients contained in the fish oil.

Any fish oil product that meets these requirements should be able to bring about numerous improvements to your cardiovascular health. But protection from heart disease is not the only benefit you can get from these products. The best type of omega 3 fish oil supplements can also help improve the many other aspects of your well-being as well.

Omega 3 is also known to be a considerable aid in maintaining the health of your skin. For assistance in your skin tone we suggest the use of Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream.

Other Notable Health Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

One of the main reasons why omega 3 fatty acids are so valuable for the heart’s health is its anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of omega 3 will ensure that your blood vessels will be protected from inflammation, which can eventually result in heart disease. Omega 3 can also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood stream, thus improving circulation and lowering the risk for heart attack or stroke.

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3, however, are also practical for other purposes such as the reduction of arthritis symptoms, strengthening of the immune system, and enhancing the mental growth potential especially in young children.