Direct Open Loop Solar Water Heaters

How Does A Guardian Solar Water Heater Work?

Simply. Intelligent automation is the key to the Guardian Solar Water Heater’s outstanding efficiency and self-sufficiency. The Guardian Solar Water Heater will turn on and off daily, collecting heat whenever it is available. The automatic controller alerts the pump when to run. It also alerts the automatic check valve to open, simultaneously. The pump then circulates colder water (from the bottom of your special solar storage tank) through your solar collector(s), and returns the heated water to the tank. This cycle continues as long as sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is no heat available, the controller turns the pump off, and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank.

Direct Open-Loop System

The LeverEdge has been manufacturing Guardian Solar Water Heating kits for more than 25 years. Solar water heaters can involve quite a number of components if constructed in a thorough manner. The LeverEdge provides a simple solution to the complexity of these systems by packaging them in kits. The Guardian solar water heater illustrated above is a complete kit that includes all of the components (large and small) necessary to complete the perfect solar water heating system. But that’s not all! The Guardian solar water heating system also comes with many of the components already prefabricated which dramatically reduces the time necessary to install the system and virtually eliminates mistakes by the installing contractor.

The LeverEdge has created the perfect solar water heater in the Guardian system. The system is self sufficient, needs no routine maintenance and provides the homeowner with 80-90% of their hot water needs FREE from the sun. On the days when the sun doesn’t provide all your hot water needs, the back-up electric heating element automatically turns on and ensures no loss in service.

The primary difference between the Guardian solar water heater and many others is that the Guardian solar water heater is an ‘active’ system. Many solar water heating systems are ‘passive’ systems. The differences in their total efficiencies are dramatic. Most passive solar water heating systems can only provide about 40-50% of the families average water heating needs. Passive systems act more like pre-heaters rather than self sufficient water heaters.

Solar Tank Preparation

Looking at the solar tank schematic to the left, you will see the cold water supply lines in blue and the hot water supply lines in red. All the components shown in this schematic come pre-assembled with a Guardian solar water heating system. All the installing contractor has to do is screw these assemblies into place and connect the soft copper lines running to and from the solar collectors to complete the solar loop.

Solar Roof Kit Assembly

The Guardian solar water heater includes a ‘roof kit’ which contains all the components the installing contractor will need on the roof to complete the collector installation. All the components shown here on the solar return line are included in this kit along with a few copper fittings needed on the solar supply side of the collector(s).