Dare To Compare

Our promise to you as a company is very simple:


We dare you to compare our prices and our service to any other company and if you find a better price or service we will match it and make sure you are treated like you deserve.

Here are 8 point of comparison in addition to price and service that you want to have in consideration when selecting who is going to serve you better with your solar water heater.

1. Delta Mechanical is the largest plumbing company in the United States of America.

Innovation has led the way in making Delta the nation’s leader in the Repipe niche of the plumbing industry. By developing a truly turn-key solution for defective pipe problems we can off a single source of responsibility thus simplifying the process and making it more cost effective for you at the same time.

2. The Home Depot:

Delta Mechanical Inc. has been a certified, bonded, licensed and insured authorized service provider for the Home Depot since 1999. As an authorized service provider for the Home Depot we offer installation services for gas or electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heaters, water softeners, water treatment, sinks, faucets, toilets and core plumbing  for the following states: Michigan, California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. We also offer HVAC and EVAP Cooler sales and installations in selected markets.  We currently serve over 800 Home Depot stores in 53 different markets.

3. Why Delta Mechanical?

With in-house licenses for: Plumbing, Asbestos Abatement, Electrical, General Contracting, Mechanical and HVAC, our expertise and experience gives Delta the cutting edge to design and carry out the best solution in the Repipe turn-key process at unbeatable prices. WE GUARANTEE IT!

4. Delta Mechanical Inc. is a proud member of:

The Better Business Bureau in the states of: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas and many other states. We are also members of the National Appartment Association (NAA), Arizona Multi-housing Association (AMA), Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI), Georgia Plumbers Trade Association (GPTA), Florida Apartment Association (FAA), Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors – National Association (PHCC), Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) and many others.

5. Polybutylene Class Action Settlement, 1995-Present:

In 1995, the largest class action suit (to that date), in the history of the United States, Shell V. Cox was settled. As one of the original Preferred Vendors approved for the replacement of polybutylene, Delta Mechanical, Inc. was at the leading edge of developing and perfecting turn-key pipe replacements in finished, occupied residences. This narrow focus gave us the expertise that has been the conduit to be Americas largest residential plumbing company with over 600 service trucks on the road at any given time to serve our customers.

6. Kitec Class Action in Nevada 2008 – Present:

Court appointed, Delta Mechanical Inc. is a preferred Plumbing contractor involved in over 30,000 Kitec residential repipes

7. Multifamily Repiping:

With over 100,000 units completed and clientele base including such notables as Equity Residential, Fairfield Residential, Lincoln Property Management, Morrison Ekre and Bart, Kling Biele, TGM and Associates and General Electric Real Estate Management, Delta is the pioneer of “Flat Rate Pricing”. Delta Mechanical Inc. is the multi unit leader in Polybutylene, Kitec, Copper, PEX, Galvanized and Copper chilled water and sewer replacements coast to coast.

8. Delta Mechanical’s corporate clients:

Some of our corporate clients include CPRC (Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center),  Crawford & Co., Total Class Solutions LLC., Brass-Craft,  Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance, DuPont,Rinnai, Shell Oil, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Infinity Beverage Service, Rheem Manufacturing and many management companies.

Delta Mechanical Inc. is the leader and innovator in the repipe industry; faulty Polybutylene, Kitec,Copper, and Galvanized pipe replacements are our expertise. Our state of the art procedures and white collar customer service continue to bolster our reputation as the number one plumbing company in the nation. We offer the utmost in professionalism, quality and workmanship for each and every one of our customers. All of our office personnel are courteous and knowledgeable and provide our clients with informed answers and honest advice to help resolve their issues. Our installers are rigorously trained and have undergone background checks, providing an unprecedented level of quality and assuredness unmatched by any other plumbing company.

We offer the most competitive pricing structure in the industry and install the industry’s highest quality Flowguard Gold CPVC, Copper, or Aquapex. We have licensed plumbers in the following states: Arizona, Alabama, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Louisiana, and California. Delta Mechanical will give you the lowest and final guaranteed price for all your commercial or residential plumbing needs right over the phone! Call us now!!!